Twining Cabin

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Designing and building at 9,800 feet above sea level is a game played by tough rules. Wasted effort should be avoided, fuel rationed dearly, and the maximum of comfort attained with the minimum packed in. At the Twining Cabin, we used a simple box to achieve the most efficient use of space and minimize heat-losing exterior surfaces. It sleeps 16 comfortably with cross-ventilation and balanced day-lighting in all bedrooms. A 5:12 roof pitch onto extended eaves holds snowpack long enough to slow accumulations at the base of the building. We incorporated progressive framing techniques which eliminate thermal bridging and give us a well-insulated weather barrier. Built to the criteria worthy of a “Silver” HERS rating, Twining Cabin has performed as anticipated.

The cabin was featured in the “Legacy of Love” article in the February/March 2016 issue of the santa fean magazine¬†(.pdf).¬†